Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another year has passed

Well I always said I wanted to have all my children by the time I was 30. Well today I turned 31 and though we still wait for our sweet baby to come home, I am at peace that we didn't meet my age quota, as I believe this extra year has provided much wisdom. I have learned the importance of persistence, the value of patience, the rewards of commitment and the blessings that come with faith.

But the peace doesn't come without a little bit of sadness; sadness that another year has passed and our baby is still not resting in our arms, Jacob is another year older and I always wanted my children close in age, sadness that we are soon going on another family holiday but feeling that something is missing and sadness that every celebration passed is one our baby is missing. But with all that being said, I wouldn't change a thing. I am blessed with a husband who cherishes me, a son who thinks I am pretty cool and a family who offer amazing support and love.

So as I enter my 32nd year I will take the lessons that have been taught and have faith that God's wisdom will lead my path.


Your Momma is getting old, I have a few more grey hairs, and a few more wrinkles but I thank your brother for them everyday and look forward to the day you contribute. You and your big brother are my everything and I would take a head full of greys to feel the love only a child can provide. I love you and practice my patience everyday.



  1. Happy Birthday Natalie! You are not an April Fool by any means ... you will be the best mom in the world to that little one who awaits your loving arms. Marc will be the best dad and play up a storm with whatever sport it will be. Patience is a virtue and I know that with the wait God will place the baby of His choice into your family. God bless you all and have a fantastic day. Love you all lots xox

  2. Awww - Nat, you silly; you are not old! Baby will be there soon before you know it - xoxo