Friday, September 24, 2010

Well we have shopped till we dropped, filled out forms until our fingers went numb, cleaned playpen, carseat, and stroller and I think we are almost ready.

The past two weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least, many of you know not only are we “expecting” but we are also in the midst of building a new home. Back when we started these journeys we all joked that both would take place at the same time and wadda ya know, baby’s due date is Oct 7th and closing date is Oct 28th and with us possibly being out of the country for up to three weeks both overlap. But both are AMAZING blessings so we will take both in stride.

So many people have asked what the next few weeks will like, so I thought it may be helpful to all to go over the limited information that we do know and what we can expect.

We will first get a phone call stating Allison (Birth Mom) is in labour and then again when baby is born. Once baby is born mom has 48 hours to sign consent, and the papers are then filed with the courts. When the papers are filed, our lawyer will be given a court date for our emergency hearing which normally is within 7-10 days. Once we have a court date we will then make arrangements to travel down to Florida arriving the night prior. Once the hearing has taken place we get meet our baby girl and bring her “home” to the hotel. It is our understanding that we are then able to leave Florida, but must remain in the US until all paperwork has been received and approved by Victoria. Our plan is to do this waiting in birch bay, allowing us to be closer to home as well have Jacob stay with us and be a family of four.

Though this process seems relatively easy we all know there is nothing smooth or easy with adoption, there is always bumps in the road and quick detours.

Stay tuned as on Monday we get an update on Allison’s last OB appointment!!

Well little girl you will soon be welcomed into this world… and I can hardley wait! I am trying to be patient but it is really tough. Feel free to come anytime now. I can’t wait for that first time our eyes meet, and hold you so tightly in my arms. We love you and praying for you daily.


  1. Feeling so much for you.
    How exciting!

  2. AMAZING! We will be praying for a smooth process...and peace for you during the midst of all of this wonderful craziness!
    Love you!
    Cara Lee

  3. How wonderful for you all ... grandparents included of course! God is good and takes us ona road we sometimes do not understand, but He is always right. We must be patient, be still and know that He is God. He has promised to direct our path and put a lamp under our feet so we can see clearly. He will surely do this for you.

    God be with you as you travel to Florida to meet your new little girl. I trust she will be a beautiful soul.