Friday, August 20, 2010


Well the day has arrived. A day that I began to worry would never happen; the day where we receive a phone call from the social worker with a PERFECT match.

This morning at approx. 9:15am I received a phone call at work from our social worker in Florida. I immediately found myself trying to protect from emotion as this road has been traveled and had a really bumpy ending. The more the social worker spoke the more my protective armour began to fall. Could it really be this perfect? When comes the catch? BUT …there was no catch and it really was that perfect.

Our social worker proceeded to explain that we had been chosen by a birth mother. A birth mother who is Intelligent, Godly, Artistic and has an undeniable love for her children. Our birth mom is a single mom of a beautiful four yr old girl and is currently obtaining her Bachelors in Psychology. She wants only what is best for her expected child and believes WE are the ones able to provide that! YES, she chose to bless us with the most amazing gift. Our birth mom was also adopted and had a wonderful life and upbringing with her adoptive family; she knows and has experienced the success of adoption.

The social worker went into great detail about pre-natal care and then in passing stated “oh yeah she is having a girl”… yes a little GIRL! We are going to be the parents of the most BEAUTIFUL little girl.

On top of this already perfect scenario, the social worker proceeded to tell us that our Birthmother has requested that we be present at the birth and that it has been approved by the attorney. We have the amazing opportunity to witness our baby’s first breath; we truly will be there from the very beginning.

Soooo, we are currently 27 weeks pregnant and will be entering our third trimester on Sunday. At 27 weeks our little girl is over 2 pounds and is almost 15 inches long! She is now perfectly formed, though she still has a lot of growing to do.

I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, if your prayers could continue we would be grateful. We pray that our baby will continue to grow healthy, that our birth mom will have a smooth 3rd trimester and delivery and that we will be blessed with patience.

Well, Baby Girl
The day can’t come soon enough when we get to cuddle for the first time. I have been praying for you the entire time you have been in your tummy mummy. Please stay warm and comfy for a few more months… enjoy the peacefulness and calm, because you have one excited and rowdy Big Brother waiting to greet you. We love you and we are so glad God has chosen you to be out little girl.

PS… you already have your daddy wrapped around your little finger.


  1. Marc and Natalie,

    Congrats! So happy for you!

  2. Hey, you guys! That is SO fabulous! So exciting! I can't wait to meet her.

    Love Suzy

  3. Congratulations, Absolutely delighted for you all including your Mums and Dads Uncle Ray

  4. Wonderful News! So much to thank God for!! Looking forward to another little girl in the family!! :)

    love, Auntie Pauline

  5. Our joy knows no bounds and our thankfulness to the Lord for orchestrating this "Match Made in Heaven" seems completely inadequate when we try to express it. Dear Lord, I pray for the love you have already placed in Marc and Nat's hearts to continue to grow for this precious little girl who will soon be in their arms and I pray peace and health for this young lady who is willing to entrust Marc and Nat with the care of this baby and with the guidance of her life. Lord, I pray for continued safety and health and for the perfect formation of every part of her being for my precious new granddaughter. A girl!!! Wahoo!!! And lastly, Lord, I pray for my wonderful grandson, Jacob. Grow love in his heart, also, for his new baby sister. What an incredible big brother he is going to be.

    Mom Dee

    Baby, we anxiously and impatiently await your arrival in our lives.

  6. Oh Marc and Natalie and Big Brother Jacob, this is SUCH great news! Hurray! Praise God!