Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday My Baby Girl

Well Baby Girl today is your birth day!! You are here and we couldn’t be more excited! We have been waiting for this day for a very long time and are filled with anticipation, love, joy and peace. It is 2:30am October 16th (so you were actually born yesterday) and there is no way I am going to be able to sleep tonight. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about the day when you come home and I can’t stop imagining us cuddling for the first time. I have loved you since before you were born and that love continues to grow with every passing minute.

This morning Daddy and I woke up early to head off to the passport office. We dropped Jacob off at Nana’s Lesley and Papa Nigel’s and were enroute to the office when we got a phone call from Ava our social worker. Ava explained that Alison your tummy mummy had visited the emergency room this morning, as she believed she was 7 days overdue and still wasn’t feeling any signs of labour. Alison had an ultrasound and dr’s saw you warm and comfy in her belly, but saw no signs of you coming out anytime soon. They decided it was best to schedule a c-section for later in the evening. Alison had asked that the social worker call Mummy and Daddy and let us know that today would be your birthday. Ava explained that we probably wouldn’t hear any updates until the following day as it was believed the csec would be later in the evening. Mummy and Daddy quickly began calling Nana’s. Papa’s, Auntie’s and Uncles. We had plans on telling everyone in person, but mummy was too excited and wanted to tell the world immediately. From the moment we found out that you would be born we began praying. Praying for a safe and health delivery for both you and Alison, as well for all the doctor’s and nurses who would be caring for you both. After making all of our phone calls, we received another phone call from Ava stating the csec was scheduled for 7:30pm est! We didn’t expect this phone call so were so excited to receive any update. Ava said that Alison was doing well, she was a bit nervous about the csec, but was pleased with how nice and compassionate her nurses were. It was then agreed that Ava would call us in the morning with more details and letting us know our little girl was born. BUT at 8:45pm est we received a phone stating that you were born and weighed 6lbs 14 oz. Alison was feeling great and said that the csec went very well. Alison asked that Ava call Mummy and Daddy to let them know you were strong and healthy. And it was at the moment my heart grew tenfold, you hold a piece of my heart and will forever. I love you my baby girl. We are a forever family and NOTHING will ever change that.

Tomorrow morning Ava is going to meet you for the first time and we can’t wait to hear more about you. I want to know every detail; the color of your hair, the color of your eyes, they way squirm when getting a diaper change, the way you hold your head when you sleep. I want to know it all!

Well baby we are so close to being together… a moment will not go by when I don’t think about you. Sleep tight and rest in the arms of Our Father and know that your Mummy and Daddy are coming soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So we are on the home stretch and we are sooooo ready! Only 3 days until due day and yet the reality of it feels like a lifetime. It’s hard to believe that we will soon be a family FOUR!! We received a phone call from our social worker on Friday and she said that Allison is doing well, she has dropped and looks like she is going to pop. Her OB appointment last week was cancelled due to a tropical storm warning, but is hoping to see her doc tomorrow, or Tuesday. We have finally figured out all travel arrangements all we have to do now is make the bookings once we have a hearing date. And all paper work that can be done prior to the birth is complete and submitted!! So all we have to do now is wait and waiting is tough!

Well my precious one, your mummy, daddy and brother are ready for you to come home. Our hearts are filled with love, our souls joy and minds excitement as we wait for your arrival. We pray that your entrance into this amazing world is quick (for the sake of your tummy mummy), peaceful and filled with delight. Know that we love you and are coming to meet you very soon. I can’t wait to hold your hand and guide you through your life long journey.
Loving you Always and Forever

Friday, September 24, 2010

Well we have shopped till we dropped, filled out forms until our fingers went numb, cleaned playpen, carseat, and stroller and I think we are almost ready.

The past two weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least, many of you know not only are we “expecting” but we are also in the midst of building a new home. Back when we started these journeys we all joked that both would take place at the same time and wadda ya know, baby’s due date is Oct 7th and closing date is Oct 28th and with us possibly being out of the country for up to three weeks both overlap. But both are AMAZING blessings so we will take both in stride.

So many people have asked what the next few weeks will like, so I thought it may be helpful to all to go over the limited information that we do know and what we can expect.

We will first get a phone call stating Allison (Birth Mom) is in labour and then again when baby is born. Once baby is born mom has 48 hours to sign consent, and the papers are then filed with the courts. When the papers are filed, our lawyer will be given a court date for our emergency hearing which normally is within 7-10 days. Once we have a court date we will then make arrangements to travel down to Florida arriving the night prior. Once the hearing has taken place we get meet our baby girl and bring her “home” to the hotel. It is our understanding that we are then able to leave Florida, but must remain in the US until all paperwork has been received and approved by Victoria. Our plan is to do this waiting in birch bay, allowing us to be closer to home as well have Jacob stay with us and be a family of four.

Though this process seems relatively easy we all know there is nothing smooth or easy with adoption, there is always bumps in the road and quick detours.

Stay tuned as on Monday we get an update on Allison’s last OB appointment!!

Well little girl you will soon be welcomed into this world… and I can hardley wait! I am trying to be patient but it is really tough. Feel free to come anytime now. I can’t wait for that first time our eyes meet, and hold you so tightly in my arms. We love you and praying for you daily.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

It is with great joy and excitement that we announce we were recently chosen by a birth mother. We have faith and peace that our baby GIRL will be joining our family very soon. Last Wednesday morning, we received a phone call from our social worker in Florida explaining that our profile had been chosen by another birth mother who’s due date is OCTOBER 7th! The were no risk factors and have full reason to believe that both tummy mummy and baby girl are healthy. We received copies of the ultra sound reports and baby was measuring one week ahead and all measurements were within normal range.

This all seems surreal, we have feelings of excitement and elation as well strong feelings of fear. BUT a wise sister-in-law of mine reminded that we have the ability to choose our thoughts and reactions. So with that piece of advice and with faith in our Heavenly Father we are jumping in with both feet. A lot of PINK has been purchased, our travel bags are packed and we anxiously await THE CALL! Today we are 37 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to meet our precious DAUGHTER!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Who knew such a beautiful path could turn out so bumpy and difficult? Well, the bliss of the weekend was depleted this afternoon, upon receiving more medical records for our Birth-mom. It turns out that she wasn’t completely honest and some of the information she provided the agency was contradicted in medical chart, therefore we have decided to walk away from our agreement.

We feel a little numb, and can’t even explain how we are feeling; sad, hurt, ticked, frustrated, betrayed, discouraged and raging mad are only a few of the words that come to mind. Our hearts hurt for our little boy who extremely excited to soon meet his baby sister.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Well the day has arrived. A day that I began to worry would never happen; the day where we receive a phone call from the social worker with a PERFECT match.

This morning at approx. 9:15am I received a phone call at work from our social worker in Florida. I immediately found myself trying to protect from emotion as this road has been traveled and had a really bumpy ending. The more the social worker spoke the more my protective armour began to fall. Could it really be this perfect? When comes the catch? BUT …there was no catch and it really was that perfect.

Our social worker proceeded to explain that we had been chosen by a birth mother. A birth mother who is Intelligent, Godly, Artistic and has an undeniable love for her children. Our birth mom is a single mom of a beautiful four yr old girl and is currently obtaining her Bachelors in Psychology. She wants only what is best for her expected child and believes WE are the ones able to provide that! YES, she chose to bless us with the most amazing gift. Our birth mom was also adopted and had a wonderful life and upbringing with her adoptive family; she knows and has experienced the success of adoption.

The social worker went into great detail about pre-natal care and then in passing stated “oh yeah she is having a girl”… yes a little GIRL! We are going to be the parents of the most BEAUTIFUL little girl.

On top of this already perfect scenario, the social worker proceeded to tell us that our Birthmother has requested that we be present at the birth and that it has been approved by the attorney. We have the amazing opportunity to witness our baby’s first breath; we truly will be there from the very beginning.

Soooo, we are currently 27 weeks pregnant and will be entering our third trimester on Sunday. At 27 weeks our little girl is over 2 pounds and is almost 15 inches long! She is now perfectly formed, though she still has a lot of growing to do.

I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, if your prayers could continue we would be grateful. We pray that our baby will continue to grow healthy, that our birth mom will have a smooth 3rd trimester and delivery and that we will be blessed with patience.

Well, Baby Girl
The day can’t come soon enough when we get to cuddle for the first time. I have been praying for you the entire time you have been in your tummy mummy. Please stay warm and comfy for a few more months… enjoy the peacefulness and calm, because you have one excited and rowdy Big Brother waiting to greet you. We love you and we are so glad God has chosen you to be out little girl.

PS… you already have your daddy wrapped around your little finger.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Crappy Day

So we rode another roller coaster yesterday, it was a tough one, but our Faithful Father made sure we got off safely and held our hand the whole way.

Yesterday morning, the phone rang shortly after nine am and it was a case worker from Sheppard Care (Florida agency). Marc answered and she asked if we could both be on the phone at the same time. She proceeded to tell us that we had been chosen by a birth mom and our baby was due in September. Looking at each other through the reflection of the bedroom mirror, Marc and I’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. She proceeded to tell us the details of the birth mom; the more she told, the more I shook everything seemed so perfect! The birth mom was 25 yrs old, baby had no alcohol or drug exposure and SHE CHOSE US!! The case worker agreed to email us the profile and explained she needed an answer in 24 hrs.
Sitting at our computer, continually hitting “send/receive” the email finally came through 10 LONG minutes later. We slowly scrolled through the profile, which goes into detail regarding family hx, social background, pre natal care and birth mom’s health history. As we scrolled down everything was great; maternal grandfather was a bit short, but other than that all was good. The last page of the profile included health hx… and the perfectness became a little less. Birth mom suffered from quite a serious medical condition that the case worker did not mention when we spoke by phone.
However, even though our excitement was less it wasn’t depleted. We were still excited and proceeded to call family. Despite all the excitement we realised that we quickly wanted to speak with a medical professional regarding the medical issue. Considering it was a holiday, I wasn’t hopeful that we would be able to get in contact with any physician…BUT God opened up doors and within 45 minutes we had three medical opinions; I spoke with an emergency physician at work, dad spoke with a Dr friend and Melanie spoke with her heptalogist) and to our devastation it was more serious than we thought and could lead to chronic illness for the baby.
With much tears and much prayer, we regrettably had to decline the profile. We were devastated and frustrated that this had happened again. We looked back at our adoption paper work and confirmed that we had not checked off that we were open to a birthmom with this specific health condition, therefore our profile should not have even been presented to this mom. I know how emotionally impacted we were, I can’t even imagine what this poor birthmom must be feeling, after she spent weeks choosing a forever family for her child only to have us decline.
I know God has a plan and a baby ready for our family, but in the mean time I am not sure how many more of these roller coaster rides I can go on. This adoption process is far more difficult emotionally than I ever expected.